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AllSpec Finishing has been a leading supplier of industrial finishing services since the founding of our company in 1992.  Our field tested, highly durable finishing work has a proven track record of exceptional performance in all major modern conflicts from the first Gulf war to Iraq and Afghanistan.  We adhere to all strict MIL-SPEC coating standards and have a proven track record of providing outstanding service to all divisions of the US military.


AllSpec Finishing serves a wide array of commercial industries. After more than 20 years in the business, we're confident we can handle any commercial finishing project - from small batch runs to large jobs with demanding deadlines. AllSpec Finishing has the knowledge and technology to partner with you on your project. A company-wide commitment to consistently deliver uncompromising service is what drives us.


The medical finishing standards we adhere to at AllSpec Finishing are specified by leading healthcare and medical OEMs around the world and are designed for use in extremely demanding medicinal and research environments. Materials we work with include stainless steel, brass, nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene, and polycarbonate among others.


The Aerospace industry demands high-strength materials that perform in challenging and often harsh environments, from jets and helicopters to spacecraft and defense aircraft. AllSpec Finishing is the final step in creating high strength products for the aerospace industry with superlative fatigue resistance and exceptional durability.

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Regardless of your market or size, AllSpec Finishing is interested in partnering with you on your next Finish Coat Project.  Click here to get a free, no obligation online quote from All Spec Finishing.